The Revamped Honda Civic is here!

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For all those Indian drivers who were disappointed with several flaws in the previous model, the all new Honda Civic 2013 will remove all qualms. The model has undergone minute scrutiny to come back new and shiny, ready to win hearts of all those whom it might have disappointed earlier.

Honda Civic 2013

Minutely revamped Honda CIvic is here!

Starting right from the first look, the improved Civic makes its intentions clear. The exterior of has been given a complete make over with a larger mesh grille opening, better designed chrome trim headlamps with a greater dramatic effect and a more shapely windshield line that gives the car a much more sleek look. The body is well proportioned with shoulder lines rising from middle of the front fender and going all the way back to tail lights. The 16” alloy wheels have been provided with slight flares to add to chic and fun. The rear of the car has been redesigned to cover the cargo compartment much more elegantly with a better placed license plate setting.

The interiors seem to keep the promise of new Civic 2013 as well. The cabin space is comfortably large. Two tier dashboard puts all the access points within an easy reach, without cluttering the space. Steering wheel mounted buttons are easy to handle and the LCD display on the side flashes all the necessary information with an easy view. Several features in the current model have been retained from its predecessor. But they offer no reason for complaints.

Interiors of Honda Civic 2013

Pretty loaded – Interiors of the new Honda CIvic 2013

The 1.8 liter four cylinder engine powering this car churns up a power of 140 hp. Regulated with a five speed gear box (automatic and manual ), the car offers a highly acceptable acceleration. With that, customers can expect good performance from the all new Civic, considering Honda has always been high on its technical performance. However, the biggest improvement that makes Civic 2013 truly more luxurious than its previous model is the sound proofing. Addition of canopy to the firewall, wheel wells and flooring along with reinforcement in the windshield and side windows glass provides a complete sound proofing. This is enough o cut off all the outer noises even at the highest accelerations, in a way improving, both driving experience and adding to luxury feel of the car.

All in all, Honda Civic 2013 looks much more promising than its predecessors. But all Honda fans will have to wait till June 2013 when the car will finally reach Indian markets.

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