Audi to launch sub 25 lakh sedan by early 2014

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Volkswagen group Owned German luxury car maker- Audi Group recently revealed its plans of launching A3 Sedan by early 2014. What’s worth noting is that the sedan at entry level is expected to cost less than Rs 25 lakh. The news comes from German automotive maker as a part of plans for developing models more suitable for markets such as India, Russia and China and is expected to capture these markets by early 2014.

The new A3 sedan is expected to be an extension of the hatchback. It might be launched in three to four variants. The sedan will flaunt a sufficiently large boot space of 485 liter. It has stylish exterior but might resemble mini A4 from the distance. Its Europe version features 1.4 liter TFSI engine and costs 25,000 euros (INR 19.24 lakh). More about Indian version of the sedan is not known yet. But by the looks of it, its price will be something to look forward to. Its production started on June 12 on Gyor (Hungary) facility of the company. Incidentally, this is the only facility currently manufacturing the sedan. Chances for A3’s production in India are high, as of now, but nothing can be said for sure. What can be said with surety, though, is that the sedan will be less than Rs 25 lakh in cost, as confirmed by Mr. Perschke, Head of Audi India.

Production of Audi A3 sedan to be launched in India by early 2014

Production of Audi A3 sedan to be launched in India by early 2014

Despite the sluggish growth of market, luxury cars have been doing well. And it is expected to do well for rest of 2013. According to Audi India officials, the market is expected to grow by 15-18 percent in 2013 to end up with over 34,000-36,000 units sold. Company aims to take these numbers to as high as 30 percent.

Interestingly, other makers of luxury cars in India are aiming at the same thing, primarily by focusing on cars with lighter price tag. Mercedes Benz has also been indicating its plans of launching a model that will cost less than Rs 30 lakh.

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