Autonomous cars still lack public acceptance

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Robot cars are not at all a distant dream now. All major carmakers are putting in their best of brains in making cars driverless. Even Google is in the process of developing a self driving car. It has already modified Toyota Prius as a driverless car. In the meantime, cars are getting smarter and smarter as well. They keep check of their health, they remind distance to empty and they could also suggest you the best way to reach the destination or park themselves. However, a recent survey has an altogether different story to tell. The findings of a survey reveal that people do not want autonomous cars and they prefer to drive a car by themselves.



The survey conducted by ORC International for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, suggests that majority of people in the test group prefer not to buy an autonomous car. Only 18 percent of them agreed that they would buy such a car. This revelation also suggests that still people are skeptic about leaving their lives in the hands of a machine. It is believed that this survey is going to have a larger impact on the massive research going on in this field to refine this technology.


One of the autonomous cars is Mercedes-Benz S-Class and it has over 25 sensors that keep track of the position of the car on the road as well as the nearby traffic. Meanwhile, there are several cars that come with automatic or intelligent parking. The survey suggests that people are comfortable with the latest innovations in making car driving easier but they do not want the car to take control of driving in toto without human interference. The survey also suggests that people welcome cars with such innovations and they are ready to pay for it. If we consider it in the Indian perspective, ‘autonomous cars’ term is known to few only. In a country that still has bicycle and cycle/hand-pulled rickshaw used largely will have to wait another two decades to finally welcome this new technology on a pilot project basis.

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