Cars that deserve a thumbs up in 2013

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Not everything is neatly compartmentalized in black and white, many falls into the several shades of grey. Deciding which candidate should be considered as the most deserving car candidate is very difficult and challenging. When cars are bought by the customers, they judge various options available on the basis of several parameters. Brand loyalty, word of mouth publicity, attributes of a car and finally the cost of the car are some factors that are taken into consideration when deciding most deserving car for the year 2013. Different options are weighed differently by the potential customers before making any decision. When deciding most deserving candidate, the jury takes care of every parameter.


Jury members

Each and every jury member judge a car on the basis of their knowledge, perspective and experience. As a result, the car that is victorious finally is judged quite carefully and truly deserving. Many cars were launched like Jazz from Honda and many more. Tough competition was seen amongst Duster from Renault and Elantra from Hyundai. The process of decision making has been quite comprehensive and the jury members have taken a lot of things into consideration when choosing a deserving candidate. The vehicles are not chosen just because they have been favorite among customers but a new scoring system has been put into the place.


Parameters for judging

There are seven parameters on the basis of which cars were judged by the jury members. Each juror gives a score on these parameters. These scores by every juror are then tabulated, added and combined so as to reach the final score. Ernst and Young Company has been tabulating these scores in the past. This is a system that ensures well thought out and far way of arriving at the decision. People are waiting for the final scores to be announced so as to know which car was the most deserving in the year 2013.

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Cars that deserve a thumbs up in 2013, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating