Dacia Logan on cards; to rival Maruti Dzire, VW Vento, Skoda Rapid

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Dacia Logan which is a maximum capacity vehicle is manufactured in Romania. This manufacturer is known for its workmanship and is totally unpretentious. In the past 12 years, budget of this company is increasing. The same task is also carried out by Skoda for Volkswagen. Though, Skodas are gaining popularity slowly and gradually and still they are offering good value coming cheap. The same scenario is being repeated in Renault. Thus, drivers for whom performance, low cost motor, or handling is preferred, a new champion have been found in Dacia Logan.

Success in Romania

Romania located in mainland Europe has become possible in UK as well. Britishers for whom money matters a lot can get a choice of driving a good car as well as saving money. This estate car is one of the least expensive one available on the road. Access is its entry level option which is available at just £6,995. Laureate is another option available at £10,795. It is quite cheap alternative that other players in the market like Seat or Skoda. The car comes with features like air-con, touch screen satnav, Bluetooth, electric motors and cruise control.

Interiors of the car

The exterior of the car is simply anonymous and nothing special to talk about. It is more of a utilitarian toiler. The design of the car is basic and tough plastic is used. Unrefined paneling makes it completely unobtrusive. As far as interiors of the car are concerned, it is fine but nothing spectacular. This car is a cheap option and the company never pretends it for being something special. Feeble acceleration and rattling engine makes it a so-so option. The gearstick is thin and feedback is not too great. The only saving grace of this car is the opportunity of driving a car at quite affordable costs.

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