Ford supersedes Toyota – becomes the best-selling car brand

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USA: In the United States of America, approximately 2.4 million cars have been sold by Ford in the current year. The company also expects retaining its title of “best-selling vehicle” in the year 2013 North America thereby surpassing Toyota. This automaker based in Dearborn expects to enhance its target market and lead the automobile industry. Some of the Ford models like Escape, Fusion and Fiesta have sold with an impressive record. The demand for Focus is increasing exponentially and in the year 2013, hybrid sales have virtually tripled.


Record sales by Ford

F-series pickup from Ford has gained a lot of popularity in the US being the single best sold car in the United States of America. This year, the number of this car sold in the market crossed 700,000. The reason behind this record sale was slight improvement in the economy. Commercial construction also increased significantly thereby increasing necessity of this vehicle. The market became positive for Ford Company in the year 2012 when 329,677 more Fords were bought by the customers in comparison to Toyotas. Although, sales figure for the month of December are not available as of now, a more impressive lead is expected by Ford. By end of the month of November, Ford Company sold 396,041 cars more than Toyotas.



Ford expectations

Ford Company is planning to take its success story far but at the same time they are ensuring that they are not overly dependent on any one segment. They are expecting sales growth in double digits in trucks, cars and utilities. In comparison to Japanese players, the automakers of Detroit traditionally ensures large sales of fleet but retail sales of Ford increased  by 15 percent in this year which was far impressive than any other player in the same timeframe. Ford is easily gaining ground against Toyota.


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