Fuel efficient car developed by Engineering students

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Recently, students of KJ Somaiya College of Engineering that is based in Mumbai designed and built a highly fuel efficient car. The car was successfully tested for fuel efficiency. Testing results indicated capability of the car to achieve 300 km/litre mileage. The success of this car has filled the students with a great sense of achievement. The name of this latest car from the students of this college has been named J-14. The students that developed this car are presently studying in the second and third year of engineering. A lot of hard work and dedication has been poured into the development of this car.

Team ETA

The students who worked hard for designing and building this car were named as Team ETA. The students who developed this car are second and third year students studying in KJ Somaiya college of Engineering. This car was launched as a flagship entry in the Shell-Eco Marathon Car race. This car is not only highly fuel efficient but also quite eco friendly. The concept of this car has been totally designed and developed by these college students who took almost a year for the preparations of this car.

Representation in Manila marathon

It is also important to note that this Team ETA is the only team that is representing the state of Maharashtra in the Manila marathon to be held in Philippines in 2014 February. The team was supposed to participate in this race last year as well but due to bad weather conditions experienced in Malaysia, the vent got cancelled. The cancellation of event gave students a lot of time to work upon their model, Jugaad’13 that already existed. Using advanced technologies, the working of this car have been further worked upon and enhanced. The weight of the car was brought down from 65 kgs to 45 kgs. With 35 cc engine, the car has other remarkable features that make it more interesting.

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