Getting the best deal on your old car

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Getting a new car is fascinating at several levels. If you manage to not let your happiness be marred by worries of extra expenses and fuel costs, pleasure of driving your car fresh out of a showroom can hardly be beaten. But the thing is the new car has added one more thing to your backyard- a metal structure that was your old car. While selling your old car is the option most Indians prefer, its much simpler said than done. If you are one of those worrying about how to get the best deal out of your old car without duping anyone or being duped yourself, here is a checklist.

getting the best deal on your old car

When selling your old car, always advertise well to get the best deal

1. Advertise well

If you are relying on public modes such as newspaper and internet to let the word around, make sure it will reach local people best who might find it most convenient to show interest in your vehicle. Add a lot of pictures (in good condition) to present your car in its best form. Highlight key point such as high fuel efficiency, mileage, engine condition, years of use etc.

2. Get all the papers in order

If its been a while you checked all papers of your old car, now is the time to do it. Put all important documents in one place. Everything from insurance to pollution check certificate is important when selling your old car.

3.  Arrange service history documents

For a person buying a used car, few things are much more important than others. And while exterior of car is pretty important, your car’s service history is what will fetch you the best price for your vehicle. Well documented service history will be just as lucrative offering for a buyer as will be their contents. Make sure you have all the important service documents such as warranty cards in one place.

4. Setting the price

Before putting the final price tag on your car, check the market for ongoing price. A used car’s price is determined by condition of the engine and miles driven, among top things. Check with websites and showrooms dealing with used cars for more information.

5. Keep room for bargain

Once you finalize the price tag, make sure you keep a room for bargaining which is inevitable in Indian markets. This will not only help the buyer have more faith in your and your car but will also help you sell your car quickly and at a reasonable price.

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