Honda Amaze based SUV to challenge Ford EcoSport

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The name of Honda has always been used synonymously with elegance, style and luxury. The range of cars launched by this company has tasted success in the Indian automobile market because of its amazing features and specifications. Recently, the company launched diesel version of Honda, Amaze in the month of April. This car has been grabbing eyeballs of potential car owners in India who would love to have a fuel efficient car styled in luxury. The success of this car has motivated this company to come up with a SUV which is also going to be based on Amaze platform. This newly developed car is expected to be launched in the year 2015.


New launch by Honda

Though, not much is known about the still being developed SUV from Honda, it is expected to be 4 m in length. This way, the car will be qualifying for low duties on excise. Also, a 1.5 l diesel engine will power this car just like Amaze. SUV Vezel, a new car from Honda has been showcased which is going to be based on Jazz platform. This car was showcased at Tokyo Motor Show. This car is expected to be unveiled in India after some time as the length of car is more than 4 m which is making it costlier for Indian prospective customers.

Honda Urban-SUV-Concept

Honda Strategy

The strategy of Honda is to add more to its compact SUV segment as it is exponentially growing in India. Since the company has already launched a diesel car, they are in a position to become an inherent part of this ever burgeoning sector. Vezel is going to take a long time coming in India as it is going to be a costlier version thus not on the priority list of the company. The strategy of the company is to expect its SUV cars base in the country.

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Honda Amaze based SUV to challenge Ford EcoSport, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating