How to save fuel when driving?

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Fuel saving tips for cars

Fuel saving tips for cars

How to increase fuel efficiency? Well, driving economically can be a headache for some but if you follow a few simple tips, you might save a few bucks every time you crank up the engine. With fuel prices rising by the day, the average car user is feeling the pinch and it turns to a nightmare with every visit to the fuel bunk. Who doesn’t want to save on fuel bills and hybrid cars could be an option. Other technologies employing renewable sources are still to expensive to manufacture and don’t happen to work in the real world. So here are a few tips to save fuel when driving.

  1. Upkeep of your car: Like any other machine, your car needs frequent maintenance. Keeping the engine running healthy with timely service can translate into smooth running and better fuel economy. 
  2. Reduce aerodynamic drag: Always keep the windows closed while driving at speed. Open windows create drag which slows down the vehicle. Thus, the engine has to work hard to overcome the aerodynamic drag by running at higher revs which burns more fuel.
  3. Switch off the engine when idling: At traffic lights, its always a better idea to turn off the engine. This practice can save you substantial amounts of fuel each time.
  4. Drive in the right gear: Maintaining a steady pace and driving in the right gear saves fuel. Over revving the engine or driving in a high gear does not help when it comes to saving fuel. Always drive in the ideal gear.
  5. Power uphill, coast downhill: On an undulating road, always power up to the crest and as you reach the top, take your foot of the accelerator and coast downhill. This practice can save fuel over long distances.
  6. Avoid erratic acceleration: Always accelerate to the desired speed smoothly without over revving the engine or erratic movements of the pedal.
  7. Travel light: Always make sure you are not carrying unnecessary weight inside the car. Lugging the extra bulk will need more power from the engine spending more fuel in the process.
  8. Maintain right tyre pressure: Keeping the tyres inflated at the right pressure will save you some fuel. Over inflating is not advisable. Under inflation of the tyres can also result in the loss in fuel economy

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