Hyundai Santro successor in the making!

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Hyundai Santro has offered great ride to thousands of customers for last many years. It is known to offer a lot of comfort with its tall boy concept. Presently, rumors are making rounds regarding Santro from Hyundai being replaced by another model. Santro which has proven to be instrumental in carving success story of this Korean car manufacturer in India is expected to be replaced. According to some reports in this regard, Kia Ray hatchback from Hyundai is being evaluated for this purpose. A lot of aspects regarding its launch is being worked upon. It is also possible that the car maker will launch a diesel Santro soon.


Success story of Santro

In India, Santro is being sold since past many years. Based on tall boy platform, this car is placed above Eon from Hyundai, though, Xing from Santro has lost its sheen. The company understands that today’s modern customers are well informed about best options available in the automobile market. The prospective car buyers prefer buying products that best matches their needs, expectations and demands. Updated products are preferred by well informed customers and majority of sales of Santro were eaten up by Eon. Many car experts believed that most appropriate successor of Santro would be i10 but the company may sprung up a surprise in the form of Ray.


Why is Ray being considered?

The reason behind Ray being considered for replacing Santro is the looks of the former. Ray offers unconventional looks and is a tall hatchback just like Santro which had broken tradition of short and small cars. 998cc 105bhp petrol engine of Kia Ray also looks promising but the chances of using this engine are meager. Instead 1.2 l Kappa engine may be used in the model being launched in the country. Though Kia and Hyundai are tough competitors, but if Kia doesn’t enter Indian automobile market, heavy royalties may be imposed on Ray.


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