Veneno: Lamborghini’s $4 Million Wonder!

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Every time a Lamborghini is launched, we get to listen to –“The fastest and the most powerful Lamborghini ever.” So, following the same suit, to celebrate its fifty years in making the meanest and the manliest machines ever made, Lamborghinitp://”>Lamborghini has come out with the limited edition, Veneno! And trust us when we say limited, only 3 will be made, EVER! Apart from all the tags it carries, it also carries with it such a huge price tag, which might want us to rethink our existence! You and I can’t own it because it is exclusive and because it comes at a mammoth $ 4 Million and here is the buzz killer, it is already sold out!

Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini’s another jewel – Veneno!

Lamborghini, which is known for love of its motherland, Italy, will be manufacturing the 3 cars in red, green and white, the three colors on an Italian flag. Apart from the 3 models available for public, there is another car which was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, it will be owned by Lamborghini and it will on display at the carmaker’s legendary museum. This fourth car will feature all the three colors through a special vinyl on the side with the rest of the car in grey.
Veneno in Spanish means Venom and like all the other Lamborghini supercars, the Venevo borrows its name from the fighting bull arena. Apparently, Veneno was one of the swiftest, strongest and most destructive fighting bulls ever. Truly named, the car is not one bit overrated. It boasts of an improved version of the 6.5 liter V-12 engine found in the Aventador. The intake paths have been enlarged, the already heavenly thermodynamics have been furthered and with a few more special treatments offered, the Veneno’s output comes to a humongous 750 BHP! Additionally, the Veneno is about 283 pounds lighter than the magnanimous Aventador, which lets this beast go from 0 to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds and when it is let flat out, it will show 358 kph on the speedometer before you experience ecstasy.
It might seem that it has been based on the Aventador but surprisingly it isn’t! Not one bit, they say. In fact, the Veneno features one of the most extreme exterior designs ever seen on a supercar coming from Lamborghini. It is menacingly styled with taut curves and a futuristic design which is usually seen in sci-fi movies! The headlamps sport a slant Y shape with the LED assembly making it look hellish. The hood has so many grooves and boy are they in the right places! The shark fin on the back with the spoiler to go is a first for Lamborghini. The supercar’s exterior is all carbon fiber which is the reason it is as light as a feather!

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