Nissan all set to enhance its network in India – Datsun Go preview in progress

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Nissan is a popular Japanese car manufacturer known for its extensive range of automobiles. The company is planning to augment its market presence by increasing the number of dealers all over the country. The number is expected to increase three times from the current number. Tier II and Tier III cities are going to be targeted as part of this expansion scheme so that Nissan can penetrate market expanding its base in the country.


Datsun being launched

In the month of March or April, the company is planning to launch its very first model under Datsun that has been recently unveiled. Road show is going to be organized across 90 cities with this product. Presently, the company has there are 119 dealers in the country. The number is going to be increased up to 350 in step by step manner in a span of 3 years. The company is planning to expand dealer network so as to ensure its presence in the Indian automobile market. This decision will surely help the company to touch base with target customers residing in small cities and towns. The company is looking forward to augment rural sales with this decision.


Growing Significance of rural sales

With growing competition, the company has realized that they need to expand their presence in the interiors of the country. Almost 20 percent sales of automobile industry is generated through rural sales. Thus, this segment has become quite important. This is quite a sizeable market and tapping its potential will be a positive step. In India, 1.6 lakh cars are sold on a monthly basis out of which 30,000 k are sold in the rural areas. The rural market occupies 1-2 percent share which is targeted to be expanded to 10 percent by the end of the year 2016.

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