Nissan Terrano Specifications, Features, Interior, Exterior explained

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Nissan has unveiled the much awaited Terrano SUV in India. The Nissan Terrano is based on the Renault Duster that has already taken the Indian market by storm. Can the Nissan Terrano rise up to the challenge? Has it got the engine and features to woo Indian buyers at a time when the economy seems to slip into recession? Well, the Nissan Terrano price will start under Rs 10 lakh and will be available for pre-booking from September 1st. Nissan Terrano launch to happen in October 2013. Let’s see what we get in the form of the Nissan Terrano starting with engine specifications, features, interior and exterior design:



Engine Specifications:

Everybody is keen to know the Nissan Terrano specifications and here are the engines that the new premium compact SUV could feature- a 1.5 litre dCi diesel engine with 110 PS of peak power and 248 Nm of torque. The 1.5 dCi could also be available with a de-tuned 85 PS version of the diesel. The petrol engine delivers 104 PS of peak power and 145 Nm of torque.


Nissan Terrano features will be disclosed at a later date. That said, we do know that the top-spec model could get a touch-screen satellite navigation system. Dual-tone interior treatment would surely go down well with the Indian masses. The dashboard does resemble the one of the Duster but Nissan has done a good job of giving it their own touch. Adjustable seats, ABS, Airbags, power steering, power windows, central locking etc. would also make it onto the Terrano.




The Nissan Terrano interior is specced to please the Indian buyer and has a premium feel to it. Interior design has been kept clean and premium with the use of chrome and dual tone dashboard. Taking inspiration from a bold and solid look, the Nissan Terrano exterior matches the premium interior of the car. It has a wider stance with a double-layer Nissan heritage grille and re-worked front bumper which signifies tough build and unique head lamp design. The flared fenders from the Renault Duster are evident in the profile view. The rear tail lamps have been redesigned to blend into the crisp and sculpted boot lid. Alloy wheels on the new Terrano look exceptional.

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