Renting a Car? Here are few handy tips!

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While we keep talking about all the great cars on market for you to buy, the need to rent a car still arises at some point of time. A trip to an unknown city, a long travel or plain unavailability of your car- reason could be any but the fact is that sooner or later; everyone finds themselves dealing with a car rental situation. So while you end up somewhere there, here is a list of things you should consider.

Renting a car

Handy Check points while renting a car

1. Do you need a chauffeur or not?

In India, most car rentals come with drivers. Unlike western countries, the process of getting a driver-less rented car is lengthier than traditional chauffer driven rental. Hence, before you go for the rental, decide are you going to need a chauffeur or not.

2. A local rental service or a company?

It’s an important decision to make. While the local rental will give you a scope for heavy bargaining, sometimes to last paisa, the multinational companies will give you quality assurance. Of course, the former can come with unexpected twists and latter will cost more. For a shorter travel, it is often advisable to rely on your locals that you know better. However, while travelling for a longer time, it’s better to pick the company’s assurance.

 3. Planning on time

A car rental generally cannot be made less than 24 hours prior to the travel. Hence, make sure you start looking for the service in time to not end up in the glitch.

 4. Discussing about the cost and payments

While paying for a rental, you’d be charged with a basal rent which generally includes either 80 kilometer or 8 hour travel in a day. The cost varies on the basis of the model booked. The mode of payment too depends on your choice. Payments can be done in cash or through debit or credit card. If booking online, a part of the deposit will have to be made in advance. But mostly, when renting a chauffeur driven car, you can pay at the end of the trip.

 5. Finer details

While renting a car, it is very important to discuss minute details such as fuel and oil cost, repair cost or tax payments. In most cases, client needs to pay the service and toll tax while fuel and oil costs are included in the rental. If you are booking a rental pickup from airport then always ask about the scenario of delay. Also, while renting a chauffeur driven car, you will not be required to submit any documents such as your driver’s license, passport etc. which is the case while renting self driven car. Hence, if being asked for such documents, always confirm their purpose.

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