Rolls Royce’s new genius in the menacing Wraith

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For all the lovers of super luxury, great comfort and power of genius engineering that has been embodied in the brand Rolls Royce, this news could make them extremely happy. In the recently held Geneva Motor show, Rolls Royce unveiled its all new Wraith. The name reminds of earlier cars like Phantom and Ghost that were introduced in a series with the same name. However, except for the name, everything about this beast is as new and menacing as it promises.

Rolls Royce Wraith

Rolls Royce Wraith

The first thing that comes to notice in RR Wraith is the new design. The dramatic front and a sloping rear, ending right at the edge of the tail end, make for a powerful impact. The new design has been incorporated keeping in mind the younger clientele of the brand who prefer style just as much as smooth driving. The stretched out bonnet gives the car sporty purposeful look conveniently enhanced by the two tone color scheme of the car.

The dramatic exterior has been backed up well with just as sturdy interiors. Comparing it with its sibling, Ghost and Phantom, all new Wraith is shorter and wider. The 2:1 wheel to body ratio goes well with the design. Even though huge improvements have been made in Wraith to make it the most powerful RR introduction so far, it shares certain features with all its siblings. The ubiquitous twin turbo V12 engine remains the same, though it definitely is slightly upgraded version. With the 6.6 liter capacity, the engine is set to produce a 624 bhp torque to power the eight speed automatic gearbox. The acceleration remains at an astounding 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds. Even with all the power, the engine remains just as quiet and pleasantly noiseless as in all other models.

Keeping in mind the Indian market, the car comes with enough boot space and a seating capacity of four. The interiors are a stark contrast to the powerful exterior with coach doors, leather, boat quality wood and star studded night headlining, a feat managed with 1,340 hand woven optic fiber lamps.

The gadgets installed in Wraith complete the picture of its genius. The all new Rolls Royce comes with Satellite Aided Transmission that helps the car in driving style measurements to assess the terrain better, taking automatic driving to a whole new level.

The car is expected to hit the Indian markets close to the wedding season, leaving excited customers to wait and dream in anticipation.

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