Tata may shelve Nano diesel plans

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Though, it is just a speculation, the news of plans of launching a diesel version in Nano by Tata being shelved completely is gaining strength with every passing day. It is quite shocking news as the company is working on this project since 2010. When Nano was launched, the whole world was waiting with bated breath about the performance of this car. The car proved its mettle in a short span of time. Later talks about diesel version of Nano started making rounds but now news the project may be shelved altogether is coming up. This news would have not been so shocking if this project have not been set aside after reaching production stage.


Reasons behind shelving of project

There are several reasons that have been cited by the company for abandoning this project. The first and foremost reason given was the gap between the prices of petrol and diesel getting narrowed down, cost of diesel run engine high and as a result cost of car escalating. All these reasons made company rethink about this project. The reasons given behind this step is hard to consider given the passion with which the company was following this project. This car was tested several times around Pune and it was reported that best figures about fuel efficiency were gained when the car was undergoing trial. Some experts believe that extra time taken in the development of this car may be a reason behind this decision. It also indicates that in future companies must plan and schedule time taken in development in accordance with changing environments.


Now, with this radical decision taken by Tata Motors, new Nano diesel will not be showcased in Auto Expo soon to be held in February, 2014. Maybe the company will launch this car in the Indian market but after some time.

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