Top Five Cars that rocked 2013

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Domestic car industry has nothing spectacular to talk about. Sluggish sales and low excitement has reduced sale of cars substantially. Only few cars have proved to be successful in the year 2013. Top 5 cars that struck gold this year are-

Honda Amaze

Honda AmazeI

Amaze from Honda is one of the cars that have proved to be successful in Indian car sector. This company is about a decade old but it has carved its niche in the market and continues to hold on. Last year was not very good for the company. Also, the company was lacking in offering the complete portfolio since diesel model was not offered by Honda. Honda factory located in Greater Noida is manufacturing Amaze models relentlessly so as to meet the demands of potential customers.

Ford EcoSport

Another successful car in the year 2013 is EcoSport from Ford. The waiting period for this car is up to six months and the company is striving hard for meeting customer demands. Both diesel and petrol variants have gained a lot of popularity.


Grand i10

Grand i10 from Hyundai has undergone redesigning and repackaging and has changed a lot in comparison to its older version. The car has received rave reviews in the Indian automobile sector. Every month, more than 10 K units were sold in last couple of months. 5 digit mark is an impressive feat that have been achieved by this car. The car offers excellent mileage.


Mercedes A Class/BMW 1 series


Though, last three to four hours saw a loss of podium position and market share, the company has jumped back into the picture with the launch of its ‘A’ Class car. 400 bookings have been received by the company right after it was launched. Though many critics were of the view that paying 20 lakh for a small car is not going to be successful in the country but its impressive bookings has refuted these claims.


Skoda Octavia


Octavia from Skoda is another promising car and has gained reasonable success in the market.

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