Volvo’s all new cross country sedan – Volvo V40

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The Swedish automotive manufacturers have been making their customers happy for a long time. And with launch of the all new cross country sedan- V40, the happiness is going to get a bit bigger. Volvo’s new launch is set to hit Indian markets sometime in June, 2013.
Keeping up with the increasing market for luxury cars in India, Volvo plans to launch the all new sedan that will compete with other major players such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. V40 will be available in both diesel and petrol engines- 1.6 liter petrol and 2.0 liter diesel engine firing up to 254PS. Both types of engines will be turbocharged. Six speed gearbox will help controlling the torque output of the vehicle. The sedan will be fitted with a unique torque convertor automatic transmission providing the required power to fire this luxury car. The power generation capacity of V40 puts it right in league with other big players such as BMW Q3 that are known for their speed.

Volvo V40

Volvo’s dazzling cross country sedan V40!

The cross country sedan set to be released in India will come with customizations for Indian market. As opposed to a five door hatchback, V40 is a four door hatchback better suited to Indian conditions. The suspension has been raised by 40mm, along with skid plates in front and rear for a smoother drive. Tougher plastic has been used for bumpers with extra ground clearance to suit India’s bumpy yet luxury loving roads. Combined with prudent color schemes, the V40 offers an overall sporty look for a sedan while speaking of luxury and chic.
The interiors of Volvo V40 are more similar to their other international versions in most features. The cabin space is large and comfortable. Moodlights, high tech infotainment panel and wireless connectivity are all components of super luxury feel of the car. V40 comes fitted with unique pedestrian airbags which, in case of a collision, will form a cushion in front of windscreen. The sedan will also be laced with several other interesting features such as Car safety allowing the car’s system to detect and apply brakes in case the driver fails to do so, collision warning system and blind spot warning system. Other features include park assist pilot to make both driving and parking much more comfortable.
The wait for Volvo V40 is not much long now. June is right around the corner. Each of these beauties is expected to be priced around Rs 20-25 lakh making it one of the cheapest models by Volvo.

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